Make Your Own Sanctuary

Recently I received a generous amount on a gift card for my birthday and I decided to use that money wisely. I used it to buy items to create myself a “sanctuary” a place where I can go and relax. It is important to create a safe place where we feel the most comfortable and relaxed. When life has you stressed and overwhelmed we need to take a moment to breathe and being surrounded by things that relax us is essential.

When making your sanctuary make sure to include plants or elements of nature. It is scientifically proven that the color green and nature brings calming affects. Another thing to include is a comfortable place to sit/lay such as a chair or sofa. A blanket and pillow is good as well because when we get really relaxed we might want to cozy up and take a nap! Lastly I would recommend to include a table to place items on such as a hot coffee, laptop, or a book.

Now go create your own sanctuary loves!


Mystic Divine Hair Dye Review

Mystic recently came out with a hair dye line. They use to only carry hair treatment products which I have used a few times and liked so I figured I would try the dye as well. The color I used was 1N (natural black) and I used a 20 volume developer. I followed the instructions that were provided on the inside of the actual box itself which I did not like because you had to rip open the box. The packaging itself is cute and price was reasonable ($6.49 for color and got developer free as part of a buy 1 get 1 free at Sally’s).

The developer smelled pretty good, wasn’t too strong or anything. The color comes in a tube and it has creme texture. Once mixed the product was easy to apply and did not make my scalp burn like some dye. I left the dye on for 45mins as instructed and washed my hair out. While I was washing it out for a good 5mins color was still coming out?! Normally permanent hair color does not bleed so much so I was surprised this one was. The final color was true to what the box claimed: black. You usually can’t go wrong with black.

I am writing this review two weeks after dying my hair and the color seems to be sticking but I am still seeing color in the shower! Also my old color that I had dyed over is starting to peak through! I have never in the history of dying my hair had a black hair dye let color show through. This product was a fail! I will have to redo my hair soon to coverup the peaking color. The will give it a good note that it did not damage my hair. The product contains a lot of good oils to help with your hair health(maybe why color didn’t stick due to oil?) but besides that overall not a good product.

I would give this product a 1 out of 5 stars due to the previous color peaking and the bleeding. I have never had this issue with any other permanent hair dye. I would not recommend but feel free to try it for yourself.

Hair Color Addict


Hey Guys! Today I wanted to talk about how often I change my hair color like its a new outfit. I am addicted! I love experimenting with colors and hair is one thing I feel like is a great canvas to use. Not only does it give you a whole new look, but it helps you express yourself. I would totally recommend for those up for it to try it out! Its fun and unique. Only thing I advise is you do it the smart way because I surely did not. Yikes!
Since January I have changed my hair color four times and thats in the short time of three months! I had another crazy phase about a year ago where I changed my color three times but in just a month! That definitely killed my hair that I had to chop it off (why I have short hair now).  I know I AM INSANE! Don’t get me wrong, I do love the colors but doing it so often definitely takes its toll on your hair health.
With that being said, I have made the smart choice to go back to a normal hair color and give my hair a break for awhile so it can get healthy again. So if you plan on taking that journey down wild hair make sure you treat your hair well. Be patient, don’t go bleaching your hair over and over again until it falls off just because you already got tired of a color and you want it out of your hair. Condition, condition, and condition! Don’t let your hair get thirsty.Don’t repeat my mistakes!
Will I ever go back to vivd colors?
Probably, haha. I will learn from my mistakes and be smarter about it!
Thanks for reading! 🙂

Second Grade

I thought my first offical post would be a back story of my life and how I came to be me today. I overall had a pretty great childhood full of fun and no worries in the world. This lasted until second grade where things changed for me.

Not to sound concided or anything but I was a cute kid and being cute brought some unwanted attention. There were some boys at this age that started to notice girls in a different way. I had two boys that would not leave me alone. The first one would follow me around during recess and claim he loved me and wanted to marry me. I wan’t nothing to do with this boy! I just wanted to just go play with my friends. I would cry to my teacher and all she told me was that I was a pretty girl and I had to get use to the attention.

Now something happened with the second boy that I would say changed me. This boy sat next to me in class and would slip his hand into my pants touching my butt inappropriately. I don’t know if he knew what he was doing was wrong but I knew I didn’t like it. It bothered me so much that I would cry every moring and beg my mom not to take me to school. This lasted about a week or two until finally my mom caught on and figured out something must be going on that I didn’t want to go to school. So I finally told her that their was a boy that was bothering me but never told her the specifics(him touching me). Had a teacher parent conference with my mom and the mother of the kid and I was moved away from the boy and never had issues with him after that.

This was an eventful year for me and I believe this is where my personality changed. Instead of being this outgoing little girl I became reserved and shy. For years I never though of this certain event ever having such an impact on me or did I ever consider myself being sexually harassed at such a young age. But it makes sense now and I need to accept that it is what happened and what affects it had on me.

Overall this was the begining of many changes that many kids go through when growing up but what I talked about today is where it all started.

Remember to be forever different! ❤


Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Laura and I am one semster away from graduating college with a agriculture science degree. I am twenty-two years old, happily engaged, have an adorable puppy named Cooper, and wonderful loving family and friends. Some things I enjoy are reading, watching movies, music, and good company. Animals, nature, food, makeup, and humanities are all things I am passionate about.

This blog I have created will include a wide range of topics from, makeup, food, lifestyle, politics, health, relationships, etc. I don’t want this blog to be a single type of blog I want to talk about everything and speak my mind with no boundaries. I want you my readers to be able to connect to my posts. I want you to feel like you can relate and not only see me as a blogger you follow but a friend you can turn to. Once again welcome!

Remember be forever different! ❤